NGCSOFT Web & Sotware Services

Ngcsoft is a promising startup based is South Africa striving to deliver simple innovation solutions that will enable you to acquire information that will lead you to make a successful decision.

Ngcsoft Unit Trusts

The Ultimate in South African Unit Trusts
Ngcsoft Unit Trusts through bring you complete full detailed fundamental as well as technical data information on more than 900 ASISA regulated South African unit trust spaning all investment classes and risk profiles.
Anything you think of in enablingto make successful decision to select which fund to invest is ready available on our services. Visit it now.
Delivery Method:
Cost: Cost: R200/annum or R50/Quarter

Ngcsoft WeeklyInvest

Your Spark Plug Igniting Your Investment Strategy
WeeklyInvest is simply a downloadable updated MS Excel compartable spreadsheet database of every friday SA equities, unit trusts and indices close price. It is born out of desire for simple non-complex inexpensive tool than can be a stepping stone to more complex expensive one for the emerging buy and hold stock investors.
WeeklyInvest will meet your need for simple price movements in graphs and do simple technical analysis. It includes almost all JSE shares, unit trusts, and indices (+- 1 500 items).All these items includes close prices and weekly, momthly, quartely and annual price change calculations. With this service you will have access to historical prices from Jan 2015 at no extra cost.
Delivery Method:Server Excel Spreadsheet
Cost: R200/annum or R50/Quarter